Avoiding Strange Women/Men: Couple’s Companion Day 92

MAIN TEXT: 1Cor.9:24-27.
But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified. (1Cor.9:27)

A careful thought about the implications of falling for strange men/ women should make one to be determined never to fall into such temptation. The implications are grave, as there are those who fell into it and they never recovered from it throughout their lifetime. Any child of God who desires to finish strong must have a strong resolve to flee immorality. While there are some who went into it to retaliate after their spouse did it, please note that many who fell into it did not actually plan to do. Many got themselves involved as a result of carelessness while there are many others who did it out of ignorance. As individuals, the temptations we are faced with differ one from another. But however complex your own situation is, there are some mindsets and steps which may help us when we are faced with temptations from the opposite sex:
Desire to please God.
When your desire is focused on pleasing God, you are not likely to go into anything that is related to disobedience.
Don’t Hide From Your Spouse.
Just in case you fall or you are even tempted, you should open up to your spouse so that you can fight the war together. Often, in the process of hiding from your spouse, you may find yourself in deeper pit. Such battles are better fought in agreement with your spouse.
Be a prayerful person.
Prayer is key to success in your walk with God. Pray always that the LORD will keep you to the end.
Have the mindset that you already have the best in your spouse.
When you have such mindset, you will value your wife and never be interested in doing anything that will disappoint her.
Count the cost.
If you think about the illusory benefits and compare it with the huge implications of falling into adultery, you may be able to realize that it will be too costly for you to venture into.
Never believe that you are infallible, you are flesh and blood.
When you believe that you are infallible, there will be the tendency for you to grow careless.
Be self-disciplined.(1Cor.9:27)
Finally, from personal experience, one decision that has helped my life greatly in this area was to make a covenant with God. I made a covenant with God that if I ever get myself involved with a woman outside my matrimonial home, that the LORD should deal with me. The covenant has helped me greatly in dicey situations to the glory of God. However, please be cautioned that if you want to make a covenant with God about such matters, you must have finally resolved never to get involved since covenant breaking on its own may deny you of heaven.

• How could keeping secrets from each other make someone to go deeper and deeper into the hands of strange women/ men.

I will always discipline myself to tow the line of virtue in Jesus’ name.


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