BE READY TO GIVE PLEASURE : Couple’s Companion Day 58

MAIN TEXT: Matt.7:3-5 

MEMORY:Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. (Matt.7:5) 

Though you must not allow your joy to depend solely on the actions of your spouse, you on your part should do everything to provide him pleasure. You should do everything within your power to make your marriage a delight by ensuring that you make your home a pleasant one. Following are some of the suggested ways of giving pleasure to your spouse: Have Pleasure In Giving Pleasure.Let it be your joy to make your spouse happy.

Even when he or she is the other way round, you should derive pleasure in making the relationship between the two of you pleasurable. Learn His Definition Of Fun.What is fun to your friend’s spouse may be disgusting to your own spouse. You must deliberately learn your partner’s definition of fun. When you discover what gives your partner fun and you are desirous of doing it, you will be a source of joy to your partner while he will also be to you. Provide Sex As and When Due And How It Is Needed.It is not an overstatement to say that if you want to make your marriage to be a delight, you must not be economical with sex. Make yourself available for sex with your spouse when and how it is needed. In a situation in which there is great divergence in the desired frequency between you and your spouse, you must be ready to reach compromise with your spouse. You must be as generous as possible in reaching such compromise. When you see a couple that appears to always be excited about each other, one of the major ingredients of that joyful home is sexual satisfaction.Be Unselfish And Ready To Sacrifice Your Own Pleasure.One of the secret sources of smooth running of a home is partners that are desirous of putting the other first. When this unselfish attempt to please one’s partner is mutual it makes the home a pleasant place to be for every member of the family.Never Block The Communication Lines!One of the best ways of providing pleasure for your spouse is by making up your mind never to remove any of the sources of connection between the two of you even when there are offenses. These sources of connection may include the following;Talking together, using the same bed, doing things such as eating and bathing together, praying together,  touching each other, depending on each other for something, calling each other when not together, remembering important dates etc.

 DISCUSSION POINTS WITH YOUR SPOUSE* In which areas do you think that each of you can improve in giving pleasure to each other. PRAYERFather, help me to always be ready to do things that will contribute to making our marriage a pleasurable one in Jesus’ name.(498 words) 



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