The publications arm of the ministry has been as vibrant as ever.

In September 2020, a new book was published for ministers of God and leaders. The book titled Matters Arising In Ministry addresses matters that arise and often become knotty issues that determine the quality or impact that a minister may make. The matters include;
* Foundations.
* Obedience to God.
* Temptations.
* Integrity.
* Financing the vision.
* Vital relationships.
* Your spouse in your vision.
* Occultic practices in ministry.
The book is a vital tool which God can use to caution many ministers of the gospel from going into error which have effectively cur many people short in their vision or get stuck and never to move forward in doing their God given assignments.

Strictly For The Pastor’s Wife
was released in April 2021. This book was also authored by Dr. Mike Oluniyi, this book is for the minister’s wife. It looks at twenty vital questions which the pastor’s wife must ask herself to determine whether she is or capable of being a help for the her husband.
The book becomes a vital tool for the pastor’s wife because many need greater understanding of what is really expected of their them.

The interdenominational retreat ground of the ministry continues to play host to different ministries as a place of retreat for individuals families and ministries. Located at Isomu in Ijebu East local government area of Ogun state Nigeria, the centre has limited accommodation, pavilion and extensive ground for prayer walk and relaxation. The centre which was established in January 2012 has a total land area of fifteen acres.
It played host to the church arm of the ministry, The Abiding Grace Chapel during Easter 2021. The retreat commenced on Thursday 1st to Monday 5th April 2021, with the theme COMMITMENT. It featured teachings, discussions, films etc which all targeted at making the theme more real to members. The program also featured recreation which included morning exercises as well as different games. It was also an avenue to deepen the personal relationship of the members with God through opportunities for personal devotion. It was a spiritually enriching period for members.
Bethel resort is maintained through the funds made available by Bethel Partners who are individuals who have dedicated themselves to donating a minimum of N1,000 monthly towards the upkeep of the resort and to the printing of tracts.

The church is marching on with consistency. The weekly program of the church includes;
* Worship service- Sunday by 8am.
* Prayer meeting- Monday by 5pm.
* Scripture study- Wednesday by 5pm.
* Women vigil- Every Friday by 11pm.

Monthly programs include;
* Let my gate be opened- 1st day of the month by 6am.
* Appointed time- First Monday to Wednesday.
* Night of grace- Second Friday monthly.
* Men’s vigil- Last Friday monthly.

The department has continued to make the Abiding Grace tracts available to individuals, ministries and churches. There are over thirty titles to choose from for target groups. We appreciate God for Bethel Partners who God has been using to finance the printing of the tracts.

Our marriage enrichment programs include;
* Matters Arising In Marriage on radio.
* Matters Arising In Marriage on Facebook.
* Matters Arising In Marriage on Instagram.
* Marriage Matters Group on Whattsapp.
* Couples conferences for ministers and Christians in general.

You can get more information about latest developments on the ministry on our website: or call/ Whattsapp on +2348034714015.

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