Don’t Lose Trust :Couples Companion Day 51

Main Text: Gen.18:17-19
For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.(Gen.18:19)

Trust is very important in your relationship with your spouse. When there is high level of trust, your spouse may be ready to go to any level in supporting whatever you embark upon.
Following are some of the sources of loss of trust in a minister’s home:
You May Betray It Through Immorality.
Immorality is the source of fall for many ministers of God and is the reason why countless people have lost the trust of their spouses. Imagine a woman who discovers that you are having an affair with a member of the ministry. Whenever you go for external ministrations she will conclude that it is another opportunity for you to commit adultery. How easily can such woman identify or run with the vision God has given you? Ministers of God are highly prone to sexual temptations. When you fall into it, it will not only negatively affect your relationship with God, it will also make you to lose the trust of your wife and reduce her commitment to your ministry.
Don’t lose the trust of your wife through immorality.
You May Lose It Through Disobedience.
Another potential way of losing the trust of your spouse is through disobedience to God. Your not being obedient to God who has given you the vision is a way of communicating to your spouse that the vision is not important to you. If the vision is not important to you, how could it be more important to someone who is supposed to be your helper?

You May Lose It Through Lack Of Integrity.
Are you a man of your word? A man of integrity is a honest man; a man that is the same whether in the secret or in the open. How reliable are you? When your spouse notices that your actions are opposite to your words or preaching, it makes you to lose her trust.
You May Lose It Through Wasteful Spending
Can you be trusted to be prudent in the management of finance? Many have lost the trust of their spouse and the entire ministry through wasteful spending.
You May Lose It Through Laziness.
Even if you are a full-time minister, how many hours do you spend on the assignment God has given you?
You May Lose It Through Undesirable Relationships.
Sometimes, your wife may just be against a particular person because of the way of life of that person. The person may even be a minister of God. When you move with people who cannot be trusted, you may lose her trust.
You May Lose It Through The Evil Workings Of The Devil.
Often, many lose trust through no fault of theirs. The devil may play on your ignorance to set you up with a particular problem that can make you to lose the trust of your spouse (2Cor.2:11).

Discussion Points With Your Spouse
* Is there any way we have been losing our trust in each other?
* What are the steps we can take to restore trust in each other so that the vision may be positively impacted.

My father and God I separate myself from anything that is making me to lose trust in Jesus’ name.


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