Revd. Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John.

The Biblical story of Exodus 32:1-10 where the Israelites were led in

to the worship of the Golden Calf while Moses was away to the Mount of God is always instructive to those who want to please God till the end of their lives and ministry. The people went into idolatry and God disowned them immediately. He told Moses, ‘Your People’ which you brought. By reason of their idolatry, they were no longer His people and the ministry then was that of Moses, no more that of God!

The same scenario is playing out across the landscape of Christianity today. Too many ministries have been disowned by God and many ministers are simply running their own ministries, no more that of God. It is time to examine our ministries, whether they are of God or they are our own! (2 Cor. 13:5).

A. Biblical Foundation – Acts 5:36-39; Exod. 32:1-10; Isaiah 56:10-11

It is very possible to run ministries that God doesn’t know. It is possible to gather crowds that God knows nothing about. Theudas and Judas of Galilee raised up big ministries that soon scattered because God was not in it.

 It is possible run without being sent.
 You can call yourself and even call God today.
 The motive of many ministries is not right with God.
 Blind leaders will lead blind people into the ditch.
 Unsaved, moral crusaders cannot do work for God.
 An NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that doesn’t get people converted is nothing to heaven.
 Condoling, cajoling and sweeping sin under carpet is not work of God.
 Not lifting Jesus and His work up is without God’s approval in any ministry.

The fact that crowds, building and material success are evident in a ministry doesn’t mean God is involved. You can gather crowds through magic, marketing and material things.

B. Marks of Our Ministry and His Ministry

Almost everywhere you turn today, you hear ministers saying “My ministry”, “My ministry” without any tinge of caution. We have personalized His ministry to our own today. In my findings, I have seen the difference between our ministry and His ministry. Here are they:

C. Doing His Ministry Today – 2 Tim. 2:20-21

True ministry is not using God, but allowing God to use us to His glory. It is being a vessel in His hand to flow through
1. Have an encounter with the Lord – Truth, Power and Allegiance Encounters.
2. Receive His clear calling and commission to a particular ministry.
3. Go for solid scriptural training and preparation – no Bible illiteracy.
4. Build your ministry on Balanced Bible truth – not one side.
5. Jesus must be the Alpha and Omega of your ministry.
6. Reach souls, hearts and people for Him – not mind and physical things.
7. Seek the will of God and obey the Holy Spirit in all you do.
8. Jettison carnal, worldly pursuits and walk in the Spirit.
9. Your personal devotion, commitment to Jesus and glorifying Him is the key.
10. Abide by ministerial ethics, values and standards.

For our labour not to be in vain, we must do ministry according to His standard, not worldly systems. He must work in us and through us (Phil. 2:13). The foundation and operations of our ministry must be the undiluted word of God (Matt. 7:24-26). Any other foundation is sinking sand. Only ministry built on the undiluted word of God will endure storms and last.
Don’t start church because you lost your job
God may not be interested in abandoned vessels
Don’t start a ministry because you want to prove a point
Nothing to prove when it comes to ministry matters
Don’t start a church because people call you a Pastor
They only see outside, they don’t know who you are in private
Don’t start a ministry because others are pushing you
You may not survive satanic attacks
Don’t start a church because you are eloquent
Smooth talk without character may draw people but will not hold them
Don’t start a church because you don’t like your present church
It won’t be long that what you complained about will be happening in your new church
Don’t start a ministry because you think God is calling you to start one… thinking alone is not enough.
No matter the gift, no matter the anointing of God upon your life, if God has not clearly called and had covenant with you, don’t start. If you do, you may be courting trouble.
If you doubt it, learn a lesson from Uzzah – He got instant death for offering unsolicited help!

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