Strange Men/Women: Couple’s Companion Day 91

MAIN TEXT: Pro.23:26-28
For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit. She also lieth in wait as for a prey, and increaseth the transgressors among men.(Pro.23:27-28)

A strange woman or man is any member of the opposite sex apart from your spouse that tempts you into immorality. The world is full of them today in every walk of life. One might have wished that the problem of temptation would be only outside the church but the major concern is that the problem has not spared the church. Often, even as a pastor, you may start wondering if there is any vocation where people are tempted more than in ministry. You will be doing yourself and home a lot of good if you always remember that when you fall for temptation of immorality, several consequences may follow:

You will lose the trust of your spouse.
When you lose the trust of your spouse, it affects so many areas of your family life. A spouse that has lost trust in you may find it difficult to plan together with you for the progress of your family.

It may destroy your home.
When you go into immorality, it means you have an alternative to your spouse. Any alternative to your spouse could be deadly to the survival of your home as it makes you not to be committed to keeping your home as there is alternative attraction.

It affects your relationship with God.
Once you get involved in immorality, it affects your genuine spiritual growth. You may still be seen going up and down with one activity or the other but the truth is that deep down in you, it will be evident that you have lost something vital. As clearly stated in Exodus 20:14, it is a clear contravention of God’s commandment with grave implications.

It can cut short your relevance in kingdom matters.
Samson’s vision and life was cut short as a result of immorality (Judges 16:21) There are so many leaders in contemporary history that were also cut short.

It Makes You To Become A Resource Waster.
There is no how you go into immorality that you will not become a resource waster. Resources that you could have spent on real achievements would be wasted on attempts to satisfy a seductress who could never be satisfied while your family suffers. Even if you are in the rare case of strange men and women who spend on you, you will still be a resource waster because whatever he or she gives you will be a snare on other resources that you genuinely have.

The implications of falling for the temptation of strange men/ women are grave. As stated in the Bible verse above, it is like falling into a narrow and deep pitch; getting out is difficult and there are many that did not get out of the pitch throughout their lifetime.
May that not be your portion in Jesus’ name.

• What are some other reasons why one must not fall into the pit of immorality?

My father and my God, I reject falling into the pit of immorality in Jesus’ name.


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