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Sleep is such an all important part of life!
I didn’t understand this until a certain time in my life when I lost the peace of a good night rest…I was in training to become a specialist.🙄 Despite this change in sleep rhthym, I still got me some shut eye some nights whenever I got a chance to close my eyes.😴
Moving forward, after this all important training, I got me accommodations in a noisy neighborhood which literally murdered my sleep. I lost the ability to sleep when I wanted due to some religious activities nearby.😭
This poor sleep transformed me to someone I didn’t recognize. Fortunately, someone told me about modifying my environment, I did and I got my peaceful sleep back
Sleep is so important that it is mentioned in the holy book and I quote “the Lord gives his beloveth sleep”

Ability to have a good night sleep is used in medicine as an indicator of recovery and well-being. Nursing care actually documents if the patient had a peaceful night sleep.
Sleep is good for mental health and it’s deprivation can actually mess up your mental health. A sleep deprived person is a cranky person.🥴
Sleep deprivation can also mess up your physical health, put you at risk of heart diseases amongst other things.
Sleep gives your body the opportunity to “repair”itself.
Little wonder there is a medical specialty dedicated to sleep and there are many sleep labs researching sleep. That is how important sleep is.
I have noticed a lot of over achievers telling us how they sleep only three to four hours in 24hours.
They go further to inform us how any serious minded individual should burn the midnight candle🌅
They don’t stop there, they go on to tell us how if we sleep more than four hours a day we shall remain poor.
Fair enough, they may be right but then I have this question to ask…
To what end is your wealth and achievements if you are not in good health (physical,mental, social, spiritual) to enjoy it?

Adequate Sleep contributes to good health.
Sleep is a physiologic requirement and we all need adequate sleep. It is so natural that you need many tricks to stay awake when you should be asleep.
Think about sleep and what it means to your well-being.

Dr. Mary Ugalahi

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