‘And the Lord answered me, and said,
Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables,
that he may run that readeth it.
For the vision is yet for an appointed time,
but at the end it shall speak, and not lie:
though it tarry, wait for it;
because it will surely come, it will not tarry’ (Hab.2:2-3)

Ministry can’t be done alone. When a vision is given to you by God, there will be need for you to have those who will partner with you for the vision to become a reality, make impact and be unspotted to the end. The most important out of those that will be used to drive your vision is your spouse. Please take note of the following about your spouse:

* Any problem in your marital life speaks louder than any other problem in ministry.
* This marital journey will take about two thirds of your entire lifetime. Consequently, your spouse is the one that will make the greatest impact upon your life.
* If your spouse is a friend, you have got a lifelong friend but if she is and enemy, you have got the most potent lifelong enemy.
* Your spouse in the hand of the Holy Spirit is the greatest help that your ministry may receive; in the hand of the devil, your wife is the most potent instrument that may be used to destroy your ministry.
* Your wife will offend you but there is nothing she will do that no other person’s wife has done worse.
* Any alternative attraction to your spouse will make her less attractive to you, therefore it is deadly to your marriage.
* Your spouse is the is the only indispensable member of your ministry. Any other member may leave and be replaced without much harm, but it is not so with your spouse.

Since your spouse is so important to your life in ministry, there is need for her to cooperate and run with you in ministry.
Following are some of the principles that can help towards making your spouse to believe in and run with your vision.

1. The Principle Of Vision Sharing.
If you desire your spouse to run with your vision, he/ she must understand what your vision is all about. Does your wife know what God has called you to do? (Hab.2:2-3)

2. The principle of building according to the given pattern.
Building according to pattern is all about doing what God has shown you in the vision you were given (Heb.8:5b). Every diversion from your vision confuses your spouse and makes her to see inconsistency and reduces the trust she has in the vision.

3. The principle of goal-setting.
Goal-setting is vital for your spouse and others to know what to do next (1Cor.14:8). Your vision is so broad but you need to break it down into time-bound achievable goals. When it is in such state, it motivates everyone involved to achieve success.

4. The principle of role appreciation/ fault-blindness.
The principle of role appreciation and fault blindness propagates the appreciation of the contributions of your spouse to the ministry and the refusal to hammer on her faults. Many of us are guilty of condemning whatever our spouse does and emphasizing their faults.

5. The principle of acceptance of complementary vision.
This principle talks about accepting and co-owning the vision God has given your spouse.
Many ministers of God are at war with their spouse over the vision that God has given their spouse. There are also pastors who feel threatened about the gifts of their spouse.

6. The principle of spousal counsel and evaluation.
Spousal counsel and evaluation here is about being open enough to allow your spouse to evaluate what the ministry is doing and give a word of advice. When your wife has a say through counseling and evaluation, it gives her the feeling that you are in the ministry together. She might want to go the extra mile to ensure that things work out well for the ministry.

7. The principle of joint altar.
The principle of joint altar is such a powerful catalyst for your spouse to run with your vision. Anything you pray about, you will be on the lookout for it to come to pass.

Many ministers of God are not making maximum impact in ministry because they have failed to realize the significance of their spouse and thus are not able to carry them along in ministry.

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