While Waiting For Your Appointed Time: Couple’s Companion Day 100

MAIN TEXT: Gen.18:10-14
Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son. (Gen.18:14)

The fulfillment of God’s promises often require a period of waiting. In the scriptures as well as in contemporary times, there are numerous examples of people who were promised by God but they had to wait for prolonged periods of time before the promises were fulfilled. In your family too, there may be periods of waiting. It may be for your child to come, for breakthrough in business or ministry or waiting concerning other areas of life. Remember to learn from the examples below while waiting:

Delay Is Not Denial.
In the life of Abraham, there was a long period of waiting for his promised child, Isaac, to come. If you are waiting for a promise of God to be fulfilled in your life, never you believe that the promise has been denied you.

The Best Is Often Reserved For The Last.
Peninnah had been having children before Hannah but when Samuel came through her whom had been presumed to be barren, he became Israel’s leading prophet. So, while you are waiting, believe that you have being made to wait because God has reserved the best for you.

Your Eventual Fulfillment Will Justify All The Waiting.
Joseph was shown what he would become in the future (Gen.37:7-9) but there had to be a long wait before he got there. He was hated, sold into slavery, tempted, imprisoned and forgotten before he eventually became the prime minister of Egypt. By the time he got to the position, every other inconvenience that he went through during the period of waiting was erased by the significance of the attained position.

Your Mockers Will Bow When Glory Comes.
The Sons of the prophets must have been waiting to see what would become of Elisha at the departure of his master Elisha, but when he parted the river Jordan the same way Elijah did it, they realized that power had been transferred, and they had to bow down to him. (2 Kings 2:15)
While waiting, believe that those who are mocking you now will celebrate with you later.

Seeking Alternative god May Destroy Your Fulfillment.
While waiting, Sarah felt that she could hasten the fulfillment of the promise by giving her maid to her husband. However that singular act has been troubling the generations of her offspring till now. (Gen.16:12).
While waiting, you must avoid shortcuts.

Behaving Wisely Will Make The Joy More Fulfilling.
David had been anointed as the next king, but there was a long wait. The Bible records that during the period of waiting, he behaved himself wisely.(1Sam.18:5). While waiting, pray for the grace to behave wisely.

There Are Battles Before Victory.
When Moses went to Pharaoh to release the children of Israel, their task was multiplied (Ex.5:22-23); David had to fight Goliath despite the fact that he had been anointed to become the king,(1Sam.17:50-51); Joseph had to be sold into slavery and imprisoned (Gen.39:20) despite being shown what he would become in the future. It is definite that your appointed time will come but you must not be discouraged by the present challenges; it makes the victory sweeter!

Waiting is not peculiar to you. Every promise of God is for an appointed time. Wait for the appointed time and you will be glad you did.

• Share an experience of thoughts that have come into your mind during any period of waiting in the past in your family.

Father, help me not to deviate from you during any period of waiting for my appointed time in Jesus’ name.


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