Make Up Your Mind To Complete The Journey : Couple’s Companion Day 57

MAIN TEXT: Matt.19:4-6.

Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.(Matt.19:6)

Can you imagine what marriage would have been like, if it is our feelings for each other on wedding day that prevails throughout our lifetime! Unfortunately, most of the time it is not so. In fact, the journey is so rough that an alarming percentage end up in divorce. Who knows what you are even going through now? Complex matters often arise in marriage that gradually drain ‘wine’ from marriage and put it in a downward drive towards separation or divorce! When the reality of those challenges dawn on you, your commitment to keeping the home should come into play. Your commitment should make you to be determined not to truncate but to complete the journey. If you are to do so, you should pay attention to the following:

Learn What Advanced Forgiveness Is All About.
Make up your mind in advance that whatever your partner do to offend you in the future has already been forgiven. The truth is that you will be offended!

Learn to rebuild trust, even when you have been disappointed.
If you really want to complete the journey of marriage, there will be need for trust. When there is absence of trust, a lot of simple matters become big issues which may truncate the journey.

Expect challenges and overcome them!
In any marriage, there are bound to be periods of crisis. So, when you experience the unexpected, don’t have the feeling that you are the only one having challenges in marriage. You should also not feel that your problem is the greatest.

Not all counsels will be applicable in your marriage.
There may be strategies that your friend used to solve a major problem in her own marriage that if you attempt it in your home will lead to its collapse. The reason is that the circumstances surrounding the two homes are different.

Problems have expiry date.
However serious a problem is, since it has a beginning, it must have an end. Although it is often not easy, if you can just keep your peace and hand over the key to your joy to God, you will discover in not too distant time that it is all over.

Time heals all wound.
However embarrassing a situation your spouse has caused and whatever may be the level of the publicity, the news will soon become stale. It is a matter of time, the news will soon die down. (Eph.4:26)
Prolonged anger may deal a devastating blow on your home, avoid it.

* Go Through the vows you took on your wedding day once again and convince yourselves that this union must last throughout your lifetime despite any challenges that you are experiencing or may come your way.
* Can you really say that you are doing your best in making this marriage a delight?

Father, help me never to cooperate with the devil to reduce the pleasure that my spouse experiences in this relationship in Jesus’ name.



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