The Role Of Self Discipline In Your Sexual Life :Couples Companion Day 24

Main text: Prov.25:26-28

Whoever has no rule over his own spirit
Is like a city broken down, without walls.(Prov.25:28)

Self discipline in your sexual life is all about controlling yourself under sexual pressure. The scripture for our consideration above says that if you don’t have rule over your spirit, you are like a broken city without walls. When a city is without walls, it means that anyone/ anything may come in, since there is no gate to control movement. There is no how you will not experience situations in your marital life where you will be tempted to go off the marital sex boundary. In fact it is like there is a rule that says ‘thou shall be tempted’. Topmost on the list of issues that make many not to finish strong is the issue of sexual immorality. It is therefore imperative for any child of God who wants to finish strong to be personally disciplined in the area of sex.
Many have the feeling that once you are married, there should be no discussion about being personally disciplined in sexual matters, since your spouse will always be for you. However, such people may be wrong. Self discipline in sex matters will require you to:

Do without sex for some time even when your spouse is available.
This level of discipline is essential because there will be times that even though your spouse is available, he or she will not be able to satisfy you. For instance, if your husband or wife is ill or somehow not emotionally in position to be available for you sexually, you may easily fall for temptation from another member of the opposite sex, thereby jeopardizing your relationship with God and losing the trust of your spouse.

Be able to control yourself when sexually tempted.
There is simply no how you will not be sexually tempted. A considerable percentage of those you will be dealing with are members of the opposite sex. If you are male, you are going to deal with a lot of women that are lonely and are sex starved due to divorce, separation or several other problems. In the process of consoling or sympathizing with them, you might have gone into it before you realize it. If you are a woman, don’t think that you are immune from sexual immorality. At an unguarded moment, if you are not disciplined, you may fall into immorality before you know what is happening. There are also situations in which you may discover some traits which you would have appreciated in your husband in another man that will make you to secretly desire the man. There may also be someone who you were in relationship with before marriage that you suddenly come across: Such men must be kept at an arm’s length if you want to finish strong.

Self discipline is so important to you as a man or woman that lack of it will make you to jeopardize your home and your relationship with God and once it happens, you may never recover completely from it.

Discussion Points With Your Spouse
• Do you feel that there are areas you need to pay attention to so that you won’t fall for temptation?
• What are the other reasons why you feel that one must be self disciplined in sexual matters?

Lord, help me to be self-disciplined in the area of sex, so that my body will be for my spouse only in Jesus’ name.


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